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Public Safety Analysis

The Danvers Police Department’s Office of Public Safety Analysis performs what, in many agencies, is simply called “Crime Analysis”: the unit within a police agency responsible for collecting data and providing information that will help the agency prevent, reduce, and solve crime and disorder. The Danvers Police Department uses the term “public safety analysis” in recognition of the fact that our analyst analyzes more than just crime.

The Public Safety Analyst is responsible for collecting data from a wide variety of sources, including the department’s records management system, news and alerts from other agencies, newspaper stories, public records, business listings, and geographic surveys. The analyst uses statistical techniques, data querying and aggregation methods, crime mapping applications, and qualitative research methods to turn this raw data into information that the police department can use. Such information might include reports on current crime patterns, trends, and hot spots; intelligence about individuals and organizations involved in criminal activity; crime forecasts and predictions; and reports on the workload of each police beat and shift.

The Danvers Police Department is one of only a few United States departments serving populations of less than 30,000 that have a strong commitment to crime analysis. A Public Safety Analyst position has existed within the department since 1988. The current analyst, Christopher Bruce, is the President of the International Association of Crime Analysts and the Past President of the Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts. Bruce is an IACA Certified Law Enforcement Analyst.


The Office of Public Safety Analysis also exists to assist Danvers residents and prospective Danvers residents with their crime and safety concerns. Feel free to call (978-774-1213 ext. 119) or e-mail (cbruce@mail.danvers-ma.org) the Office of Public Safety Analysis if you have any questions about crime and safety issues in Danvers.