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Domestic Violence and Abuse Resources

After Obtaining the Restraining Order The tempers of some abusers flare during the restraining order process. It makes sense to take extra precautions while the order is being issued, when the order is served to the defendant, and just before and after any court appearances.

  • Be alert when leaving the courthouse
  • Consider spending a few days with a family member or friend
  • Change the locks on your home
  • Inform your neighbors that the defendant is not allowed on your property or near your home; encourage them to call the police if they see the defendant or other suspicious activity
  • Seek help from organizations like HAWC if you need it
Out of State Protection Orders Enforced in Massachusetts Since 1996, Massachusetts General Law requires Massachusetts Police to enforce domestic abuse prevention and protection orders (restraining orders) issued in any other State or U.S. territory or tribal court. This includes both temporary and permanent orders. We enforce them as if they originated in Massachusetts, and mandatory arrest policies apply. While it is not a necessary step to trigger enforcement protections, any person protected under an out-of-state order may file a copy with a district, probate, or superior court. This action will cause the order to be entered into the Commonwealth's Domestic Violence Record Keeping System.