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Firearms Licensing

NEW FID / LTC Licensing Process Announced
In an effort to streamline the process, we are no longer accepting applications in advance of the licensing interview or scheduling appointments. Applicants can come to the police station on specified dates and will be seen in the order in which they arrive. You may arrive at the police station at any time during the posted hours on a licensing day.

Available dates and times can be found by clicking here for the ONLINE CALENDER, or by calling 978-774-1213 x6. The list is also posted in the lobby of the police station.

To use the online calendar: The web page will only display 2 months at a time. To change months, select the month you are looking for on the top right of the calendar and then click go. Dates and hours are displayed. You can click on a date for more detailed information and notes. You do not need to sign up in advance.

Because criminal investigation emergencies can arise at any time applicants are strongly encouraged to check the online calendar, DPD Facebook page, or DPD Twitter feed to ensure a date has not been cancelled or available hours changed prior to coming to the police station.

Applicants are instructed to arrive at the station with their application already completed, a check for the appropriate fee and any other supporting documents necessary. Click here to download the complete applicant instruction and procedure form.

We hope that this new procedure will reduce the wait and processing times for licenses. Our goal is to meet with applicants and deliver approved licenses faster and in a more efficient manner.

Please read the information below before you call!

Firearms licensing is assigned to a detective as an additional duty and is
conducted on a part-time basis. The instructions listed below are provided to ensure applications are completed correctly the first time. This will allow for applications to be processed faster and licenses to be delivered in a more efficient manner.

This site contains answers to many frequently asked questions. Please review this information before you call the Firearms Licensing Section with questions.

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this website click here for the Commonwealth's website or click here for the Firearms Records Bureau site. These sites provide answers to many frequently asked questions, complete laws regarding firearms, as well as forms to download.

Instructions for a new or renewal FID or LTC

A list of available dates and times can be found:

  • Danvers Police online calendar click here
  • By calling 978-774-1213 x6
  • Posted in the lobby of the police station

Applicants are encouraged to verify that licensing will still be held that day prior to coming to the police station. Updates can be found through the above sources as well as our Facebook page and our Twitter feed

Applicants should arrive with the following items:

New Applicant:
Completed application form
State approved safety course certificate
Check or money order (see fees below)
2 Forms of ID (see below)
1 Proof of residency document (see below)

(Note: There is no safety course for a FID-Restricted)

Renewal Applicant already licensed by Danvers:
Completed application form
Check or money order (see fees below)
1 Proof of residency document (see below)

Renewal Applicant whose license is currently issued by another city or town:
Completed application form
Check or money order (see fees below)
2 Forms of ID (see below)
1 Proof of residency document (see below)
Applicant must have submitted a change of address form to this department and FRB.

Identification Documents:
1st is always the Massachusetts driver's license.
The 2nd form of ID is a passport, birth certificate or Military ID

Identification documents are used to verify spelling and that the firearms license is issued under the applicant's legal name.

Expired ID cards and the Temporary MA driver's licenses are not accepted.

Proof of Residency Documents:
A Town of Danvers issued property tax, motor vehicle excise tax, electric light, water/sewer bill or a lease agreement from a commercial apartment community or W-2.
Only 1 of the above documents is required to show residency. The applicant's name and address must appear on the document.

The fee can be paid by check or money order only and must be made payable to Town of Danvers.

  • New or renewal LTC or FID: $100.00
  • New FID-Restricted (chemical spray): $25.00
  • Renewal FID-Restricted: Free
  • Residents aged 70 or older renewing a current license: Free
  • Residents aged 70 or older applying for a new license or new class of license will pay the full fee listed above.
  • Resident older than 16 and younger than 18 applying for a new FID with parental approval form: $25.00

VERY IMPORTANT: Application Question #10
"Have you ever appeared in any criminal court as a defendant for any criminal offense or criminal traffic offense?"

  • Appeared: Means going to court by any means (summons, arrest or warrant).
  • Ever Appeared: Means any time in your life no matter how long ago. It includes all appearances as both a juvenile and as an adult.
  • This question does not ask about your guilt or innocence or the outcome of the case.

You do not need to answer for non-criminal traffic offenses (such as speeding or stop sign violations) but anything else must be disclosed. The application is yours and it is your responsibility, not the police department's, to ensure the answers you supply are accurate.

Having been charged and convicted of a crime does not necessarily prohibit you from getting an FID or LTC. Not answering truthfully does. Understand that ever appeared includes all adult and juvenile appearances. It does not matter if you were found not guilty, or if the charges were dismissed, or if you received a continuance without a finding, you still have to answer "yes" to the question if you ever appeared in criminal court. If you do not answer truthfully, we will find out, no matter how long ago.

If you have a sealed record, you also have to indicate this; we are notified of disqualifiers even from sealed records. We will not accept "I forgot," "they told me it would not show up," or "it never showed up before." Remember, you are signing this application under penalties of perjury. You will be denied a license for any untruthful answer and you may face the possibility of prosecution.

If you answered YES to any of the application questions # 4-14 you must provide a complete explanation on page 3. An explanation includes dates, reporting police departments, courts where cases were heard, the nature of the allegation and disposition of the charge for each charge or protection order.

Applicants who have difficulty recalling their criminal history may consider requesting a copy of their criminal history from the Commonwealth prior to submitting their application to ensure accuracy.

VERY IMPORTANT: Application Question "Reasons for requesting the issuance of a card or license."

The broad term "all lawful purposes" will not be accepted alone. Please explain specifically why you are requesting this license. There are many possible reasons, such as home or personal protection, hunting, target shooting, or collecting. These are just a few reasons for requesting a license and they are all valid.
The "All Lawful Purpose" (ALP) license no longer exists and has not been issued for several years. The old-style LTC had your reason for issuance typed on your card. A new LTC or FID does not have the reason for issue listed on the card. New cards are issued as restricted or not restricted.
If you are renewing your license, simply write "renewal" in the reason for requesting an issuance section.

All applicants will have fingerprints and photos taken at the Danvers Police Department. You can not supply your own photo.

Other Instructions
It is optional to enter your social security number on your application. You MUST enter your driver's license number.

Change of Address:

If you have moved to Danvers, you must notify the Firearms Records Bureau, the Danvers Police Department and the department that issued your license of your new address.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140 § 129B and §131(l), a person holding a FID or LTC shall notify, in writing, the licensing authority that issued such card, the Chief of Police into whose jurisdiction such cardholder moves and the criminal histories system board of any change of address. Such notification shall be made by certified mail within 30 days of its occurrence. Failure to so notify shall be cause for revocation or suspension of said license.

Click here for FRB Change of address notification form

Firearms Transaction Form (online) E-FA-10:

The Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) and the Firearms Records Bureau (FRB) have implemented an online service for reporting firearm transactions.

License holders may use the online system to report the sale, transfer, inheritance, loss or theft of a firearm.

Owners who have suffered a loss or theft of a firearm are required to immediately contact their local police department where the loss or theft occurred.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140 § 128A, the private sale or transfer of a firearm, rifle or shotgun must be reported within 7 days via the FA-10 or E-FA-10.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140 § 128B, licensed residents of the Commonwealth must report within 7 days the acquisition by purchase or other means of any guns from a private sale or transfer conducted outside of the Commonwealth . The FA-10 or E-FA-10 may be used to make this report.

Note: Federal law prohibits a resident from purchasing a firearm (handgun) in a state where they do not reside. A resident may purchase a rifle or shotgun out of state directly from a licensed dealer (FFL). A licensed dealer of one state may ship a firearm to a licensed dealer of another state who may then make an instate sale to the licensed resident.

To access the E-FA-10 online reporting system click here

Lost or Stolen LTC or FID cards:

To report the loss or theft of a LTC or FID card select click here. Complete and submit the form to the desk officer at the police station. Once the report has been received a replacement license may be issued. Licenses are mailed to the address on file with the Firearms Records Bureau.

Requesting a Replacement Pin:

When a FID or LTC is issued, the card is accompanied by a PIN. It is the responsibility of the license holder to keep and secure their PIN.

To request the replacement of a FID or LTC PIN click here.

You may submit the form to the desk officer at the Danvers Police Station or mail it ot the Firearms Licensing Section.

The replacement PIN will be mailed to the address that is on file with the Firearms Records Bureau.

A replacement PIN will not be provided over the phone.

Seized or Surrendered Firearms:

Pursuant to Massachusetts Laws if your license has been revoked, suspended or your application for renewal has been denied you must immediately surrender all firearms, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, and feeding devices to the police department. Failure to do so may result in criminal charges.

If you have had your firearms seized in accordance with MGL c. 140 § 1290D, you may transfer or sell your firearm to a properly licensed person or licensed dealer after they have been surrendered to the police department.

If you are the defendant in a restraining order (209A order) you must immediately surrender all firearms, rifles, shotguns, ammunition and feeding devices to the police department.  Items surrendered as a result of a 209A order cannot be transferred via private sale or transfer. Items can only be transferred to a licensed dealer.

Any time the Danvers Police Department seizes a firearm in accordance with a 209A order, a domestic situation, a suspension, revocation or a renewal denial of a LTC or FID, or takes possession of a firearm for safekeeping, the firearm will be held by the Danvers Police Department for 45 days. After 45 days, the firearm will be transferred to Village Vault, a bonded public warehouse for firearm storage.

The Danvers Police Department will not transfer any firearms that are or may be evidence.

Danvers Police Firearms Contact:

If you have additional questions you may contact:
Detective Ashley Sanborn at 978-774-1213 x 124
or e-mail asanborn@mail.danvers-ma.org