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If you have further questions, please contact the Danvers Police Department at 978-774-1213 ext. 113.
FAQs - Safety & Security

- What are the laws regarding sex offenders? How can I find out about sex offenders living in my area?
Massachusetts law requires certain convicted sex offenders to register in person at their local police departments. Failure to register is a crime. The state's Sex Offender Registry Board maintains a centralized computer registry of these sex offenders, which members of the public can search by clicking here.


- Does the Danvers Police Department have a Child Safety Seat installation program?
Yes. If you would like assistance installing your Child Safety Seat, please call us at 978-774-1212, and we will tell you when a technician will be on duty, either here or at the Fire Department. Nonresidents: we would ask you to call your local police or fire department first, to see if they have a Child Safety Seat technician, before calling the Danvers Police. It is a crime to misuse this information, including taking personal retaliation against registered sex offenders.

If you have more questions about sex offenders in Danvers, contact Detective Tim Williamson at 978-774-1212 or williamsont@mail.danvers-ma.org.