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Do you know something about a crime that has been, or will be committed? Have you heard about illegal activity, committed or planned? Use the following form to alert the Danvers Police. We will keep your tips strictly confidential, and if you choose to remain anonymous, we have no means to find out who you are.

If you are the victim of a crime, and you do not wish to remain anonymous, do not use this form. Instead, use our report-a-crime form.

Please describe everything you know about the crime or the person who committed it. If reporting on a past crime, makes sure to give us enough information to find it (date, time, location, type of crime, etc.). If reporting on suspected drug activity or sales, please also provide the days of week and times of day you are most often observing the drug activity (usage or sale) to assist surveillance.

If reporting on a person, make sure you provide enough information to identify him or her (name, approximate age, address, physical description, etc.)


Code Name (Optional)

In the field below, enter a code name or number that we can use to communicate with you on this page. We will not provide enough information in our communications for any outside observer to identify the particular crime or individual you reported on. Make sure you write down or remember your code name so you know which messages are for you.

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E-Mail Address (Optional)

If you would like us to contact you with further questions, please provide an e-mail address below. We will keep your address confidential.




Messages for Past Tip Providers

480517: We appreciate the information and Detectives have conducted some surveillance but did not see the activity you mentioned. If you could please provide more specific information as to what times of day and days of week the activity is occurring, that would be very helpful. Because it is an anonymous service, there is no way to contact you directly for fullow up unless you provide that information. Also, do not hesitate to call 978.774.1212 when the activity is actually occurring!