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Report a Crime Online

You can use this form to report certain crimes and other incidents to the Danvers Police Department. Your reports will be entered into our records management system and will be counted in our crime statistics. Your information may help identify patterns and trends in crime, so please be as complete and accurate as possible.

Only use this form if:
1) The crime is "cold"; it is not happening now and did not happen within the past couple of hours
2) The crime did not involve violence or threat of violence
3) The crime did not involve forced entry to your property
4) The total value of the property stolen, lost, or damaged is less than $1000
5) There is no physical evidence that might help identify or apprehend the offender
6) There were no witnesses
7) You do not know who committed the crime
8) The crime occurred within Danvers
9) The crime is not a theft of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle license plate
10) You are the victim of the crime, or are the victim's parent or guardian
11) You are willing to have a Danvers Police representative call you with additional questions

When in doubt, call 978-774-1212 and ask for a police officer to come take a report. We're happy to do it!

Do not use this form to report an anonymous tip or lead. Use our separate tips form for anonymous leads. Report a Crime On-line Form
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I understand that it is a misdemeanor to make a false report of a crime, punishable by fines up to $500 and imprisonment of one year in a House of Corrections (MGL c269 s13A)

Information About the Crime

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Please describe everything you know about the crime and how it occurred. Include suspect descriptions, if available:*

Information About the Victim

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Information About Property

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