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These alerts are based on information compiled by Danvers police officers, detectives, and the department's crime analyst. If you have any questions, contact Sergeant Robert Bettencourt at rbettencourt@mail.danvers-ma.org or 978-774-1213 ext. 134.

Press Release

Last Updated 03/05/2010 11:30

Thefts from Cars and Lockers at Health Clubs

03/05/2010: Since the beginning of 2010, the Planet Fitness parking lot on Route 1 (20 Archmeadow Drive) has experienced at least five thefts from vehicles, most between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. The thief forces or smashes a window and steals GPS devices, purses, and electronics from within.

We have also had three thefts from health club locker rooms this year, two at Planet Fitness and two at Boston North Fitness at 30 Prince Street. The thief here is looking for items in unlocked lockers or unattended in locker rooms, stealing wallets, cell phones, and keys. Although not voluminous, this pattern is persistent--Planet Fitness has had an average of one locker room theft a month going back to September.

The best ways to secure your valuables when you work out are to: 1) place them in a locked locker in the gym; 2) place them in the locked trunk of your car.